Here are the races I have planned on my schedule so far. I definitely will throw in some shorter distance races, but still figuring those out. Hope you can join me! 

What race wouldn't I do? No really- I LOVE to race (maybe my greatest flaw?!) and I think that is what keeps me so addicted/passionate about running. That being said there are SOOO many amazing races out there that I cannot wait to run. I think it's such an incredible way to see a city- and even cities you have visited many times- it looks so different when racing it. 

Here are some races on my Wish (will-do-one-day) List:

London Marathon // Kinda just another excuse to go to London again. But I can only imagine it's an incredible race. 

Paris Marathon // Eiffel Tower while running? Yes, please.

Jerusalem Marathon // I LOVE Israel so it would be incredible to run a marathon through the Old City of Jerusalem. 

Big Sur Marathon // I feel like this is a MUST SEE in your lifetime. 

Mexico City Marathon // Mexico City is amazing- no other reason needed. 

LA Marathon // Ok, I've already done it- but I really want to do it for the Olympic Trials in 2016 again. On the day that the commoners run it- not the elites. Don't worry- I'm not delusional.

Berlin Marathon // One of the fastest courses out there plus with friends living in Berlin, how could this not be on my list?!