Just got back from the best week in Kona with Linds. We went there in 2013 to celebrate New Years- and had the best time- and when she asked me to head back over with her- it took me NO TIME to say - YES PLEASE!!! We decided it would be our KONA TRAINING CAMP since we are both doing the San Diego Half Marathon on March 12th (*cue the stomach race butterflies*). Since I have been dealing with some health issues of late (over the course of a month, I had the flu, a cold, and then some gallbladder issues), I thought that getting some Vitamin D, relaxation, and just happy time with Linds would be SO good for my physical and emotional health. And since we are both training for the race, it makes it easy to say yes because I don't have to worry about having to fit workouts in: it was a priority for us. Ideal!

I had scheduled for us to fly out on Sunday morning to get one last tempo before I got to Kona- because for me travel/vacations are no workout zones - just running. Keeps me from stressing myself out. Of COURSE it is pouring rain- and normally I would just do a speed workout on the treadmill, but since I was literally staying in town to do tempo (and go to Valentine's dinner with my husband) I forced myself to get wet. HA. Luckily Sham wasn't afraid of a little water- and of course it was SO great to have her out there working with me. I've been pretty used to doing tempos alone (sometimes the guys I run with are in view for the beginning of the tempo) and working EXTRA hard at the end to keep myself on pace. It was a welcome relief to be working with Sham and to have help towards the end of a workout when things start getting ugly.  I have isolated myself in workouts for a REALLY long time- so I'm really trying to do more workouts with people- I think it's a good change for me!

so fast the picture is blurry, right?!

so fast the picture is blurry, right?!

We did 5 miles at 7:05- soaking wet - but happy the workout was over.

Tyler and I got in an amazing dinner that night at Brooklyn Girl to celebrate Valentine's. And then I was off to Hawaii.

I have wanted to begin incorporating spinning on Sundays (instead of just doing a Kayla Itsines BBG workout). So once we got to Kona, Linds and I decided to do a sunset spin. The views spinning there were out of this world. I hadn't cycled since forever- literally years- so it was good to do it again. I have these two expensive Felt Tri bikes that I have used a combined total of like 10 times (no exaggeration) so I'm hoping to set them up on my trainer at home and start SUNDAY SPIN (aka validate myself for spending all my money on tri stuff but not using it for all these years). Not going to lie- it felt horribly hard at first. Especially since it was a recumbent bike- so my legs were literally isolated and having to work. After awhile on the bike, I started to really enjoy it though- so I predict great things for my Sunday Spin. ;-)


We had the chance to hike down to Pololu Valley- umm BEAUTIFUL. I wish this was my weekly hike. ;-)

I love a vacation that involves a lot of walking, hiking, sun, running- and this was PERFECT for that. We got in all those things and then some.

We even got a long run in while in Hawaii. My original plan was just to do 10 or 12... then I slowly talked myself into 14. And good thing I did- I haven't done that distance in almost 3 months. It was MEGA hot and sunny and just definitely not my ideal running temp (which falls in between 60-62 degrees, no humidity, cloud cover, etc.). But I decided to set out and just do an out and back- that way once I was 7 miles out, I didn't have a choice but to actually run the full 14. What a great feeling having done my 14 on the Queen K in hot, hilly conditions- I kept thinking during my run- the conditions will be a lot better for the SD Half!

end of the run by the ocean = reward for those hot lava rock miles

I've been really realizing that what I'm lacking for now is consistent, steady running. I know that the piece of the puzzle that I need to work on is the longer stuff, since I think I've been doing a good thing really trying to maximize finding any speed that I may have (hidden deep inside). But if I don't put the strength to work with the speed, then it's all pointless, right? So I'm doing my best to really force myself to do the longer, more sustained stuff. I'm doing a longer tempo this weekend- just 2 more longer tempos before my Half.

Based on these last couple workouts (speed & tempos), I'm feeling a LOT more hopeful and excited for the SD Half (just 17 days away). I'm looking at my workouts and thinking- how do I maximize the time I have left and make these workouts count for something. Just gonna keep running away and see what I can pull off at SD Half- either way, I'm setting myself up for a great season with these last few weeks as a base. ;-)