In case you were wondering...I survived planning a wedding (while working, and running, and doing a bunch of races, and having a basically long distance relationship - I count 45 miles apart as “long distance” ;-) The blog obviously (and sadly) took a necessary backseat while I tried to do my balancing act before the wedding.  I may have neglected the most important elements of wedding planning until the week before, but for the most part, I got all my daily runs in (missed some key weekend workouts- but c'est la vie)  I come back to the blogosphere a married woman (still haven't legally changed my name, and there may be problems with our marriage license, so at this time mostly emotionally & spiritually married, but I'll take it!) I married the cutest/fastest guy I know in the hopes that his speed & kindness may rub off on me. 

I now pronounce you husband & wife. Meet the RUNDERWOODDSSS. 

We had the best honeymoon in Southeast Asia. I came into it with a flu (seriously - all that wedding planning/life stress will catch up to you at some point- and for me it did 2 days out from our magical day)- but I recovered by seeing all of the beautiful sites in Vietnam...

Hanoiiii!!!- thank you for the amazing intro to Southeast Asia!!! We loved you!

can't handle the beauty that is Halong Bay. a beauty so disorienting that I do the weirdest poses to try & compete. 

Halong bay is easily one of the most magical/beautiful places I've been to. 

Then we bopped over to Siem Reap, Cambodia. WOW is all I can say. It was SO hot there- and we spent our time outside exploring tons of different ancient temples constructed in the 12th century and discovered by the French randomly in the jungle last century. Isn't that nuts?! They were all so exquisite and detailed- pretty impressive. We really loved Cambodia- the food, people, and gorgeous scenery make it a must-visit!

such a gorgeous, hot day exploring all over Angkor Wat, Cambodia- with the guy who puts up with just about any pose I make him do. #husbandsofinstagram

such a gorgeous, hot day exploring all over Angkor Wat, Cambodia- with the guy who puts up with just about any pose I make him do. #husbandsofinstagram

Sunset at Angkor Wat = MAGICCCCC. 

We headed back down to Phuket, Thailand. Did I mention that we got 2 hour Thai massages almost every day? Talk about recovering well from a run. I felt like a pro being pampered pretty much every afternoon!

THREE'S COMPANY!!! Kayaking around Phang Nga,Thailand. 

My philosophy for traveling and running is- just run for fun. I do my daily runs (7 miles) but I don't ever force myself to do a speed or tempo workout. There are WAY too many variables that can make a workout not go according to plan- and instead of setting myself up for failure, I choose to just enjoy the runs, enjoy the time off from having to do serious workouts, and to run without any expectations. WAYYY too many times I have gone out for a run after lots of air travel and my legs have felt like 1,000 pounds- I'm pretty used to it now- but having no expectations during travel is the way to go for me! (Wish I realized this before 2 goal marathons overseas. You live & learn! ;-)

Patong Beach in beautiful Thailand!

We found some nice areas to run in while in Southeast Asia- it's nice when you have a couple days in an area so you can get into a routine and know where you are running. It is definitely work though to run while you're traveling- because you don't have the luxury of knowing where a good route to run is - and some of our runs were spent dodging tourists and in too much heat. But all that aside- what a cool sport that you can literally pick up and do any & everywhere! 

Towards the end of our trip, I became pretty ill.  Of course, Tyler and I got sick at the same time (different illnesses though) ANDDDDD it was tropical storming for 2 days. At least, to be sick and lay on the beach would have been good. But we made the best of it and still managed to have fun together/survive our illnesses. HAHA. In sickness and in health, right?!

After being super sick, I finally felt decent enough to leave & it was pouring rainnn. 

Coming back from our trip, I just wanted to get better & I was thankful to be back in the states. It is always pretty scary to be sick when you're not at home in case you need medical care.  We came back and I got back to running- but ended up getting a cold so - needless to say, it's been a pretty interrupted training season. My immune system has really taken a beating. 

But all that to say- I'M BACK! I count it a win continuing to run through wedding planning/honeymoon/and being sick (multiple times). I have been having to fight moments of feeling really frustrated that I have not made greater headway with speed workouts/or felt like I was at a higher level of fitness. I was so excited this fall to feel like I was making big strides, so I was just hoping that this season wouldn't have me losing too much fitness & speed.  But wedding planning and honeymooning is not for the faint of heart. Haha.  Even if I am not where I wanted to be now- 4 weeks out from SD Half, life happened and I’ll still do everything I can do to make it a great race. I’m determined to make it the best year I’ve had yet- my fastest, most fulfilling, most married year. haha. 

This last weekend I had my first real workout back and it went really well. It's crazy how having a good workout can really turn everything around in your mind. Because it went so well- I actually think I can get SOME type of PR at SD Half since my fitness seems to be pretty intact.  And if I think I can get any type of PR, I'm gonna work my little butt off to see if I can make that happen. So yah- challenge accepted. I may not have had the most perfect leadup- but I'll work with the time I have to maximize it. Let's do this. ;-)