America's Finest City 5k RECAP + TrackSmith PR BONUS!

So I really wanted ANY type of PR after not getting any at TJ Half and at the Lululemon Seawheeze Half (possibly weather/being sick was to blame- but that's neither here nor there). Tracksmith had the BEST campaign this summer- PR and they give you a shopping spree?! YES PLEASE. I reallyyyy had felt that I was in the shape to PR at either of my half marathons, so not PR-ing was even a little more disappointing. 

After I didn't PR in Vancouver, I came back to the hotel and looked up 5k's to do before the campaign ended 2 weeks later. Uhhhh. The only one was AFC 5k and it was the NEXT weekend. Not SUPER ideal since I had wore myself out with the half, but I figured that I was in good enough shape that I could PR by something even if it was so close to my last half. I ran it by Tyler to see what he thought- and he agreed. We felt like most of my tempo workouts were right around where my PR was for the 5k - 21:14- so we didn't think it was a stretch that even on tired legs that I could hit under that. He said he would pace me. Guys- first for me. Well- he ran me in the last mile in Tijuana Half- but really, I'm not a huge fan of him seeing me like a cow that needs to be put out of its misery on the race course. Obviously- getting some type of PR overrode my embarrassment over my pain face. ;-)

I signed up a few days before the race and just focused that week on trying to get a lot of rest and feel recovered ASAP. I felt slow and sluggish all week. (Probably didn't help that we did 10+ miles of walking daily in Vancouver.) So on Thursday, I decided to do some fast intervals. I did 10 by 30-40 seconds at 5:30 pace and my last one I hit 5:18 pace. Isn't it crazy how throwing in some fast running can just like kick you back to life? 

being fully dressed by 4:40. yahhhh. early.

The race started at 6:15 am- a really good thing since it was supposed to be in the 80's and mad humid that day. Tyler is the best sport to wake up at 4:30 am with me and to do the race.  He was planning on proposing later that day (I had no idea at the time) and it's just so characteristic of him to go out of his way for me- which is the reason I ended up saying YES! Haha. Ironically we parked in front of a wedding dress shop, and I made a joke about wedding dresses as we walked by. Tyler nervous laughed to it. HAHA. So we got there around 5:30 am and jogged around and got my bib.

PAINFUL - to look at now, and to have run this part.

I only had a chance to do a little over a mile- but potato potaHto. The race started out and we had thought that it would be pretty flat. MEH. The first mile started out and my goal was just not to go out too fast. I went out and felt comfortable on the first mile- and like I was holding back. 6:43. Perfect. We went into the second mile and I still felt like I was cruising. 6.37. Then we had to go uphill. UH oh. My dead legs that I wasn't sure could race, did NOT want to run fast up a hill. 7:00. UGH. I had been eyeing my avg pace and I was still at a 6:45 and thought that I would surely PR. We came in towards the finish and I was pushing while eyeing the clock and instead of going under 21, I crossed at 21:13. The last .16 at 5:22. I.e. I was in panic mode and finally my body found another gear to try to get any type of PR in. Hahaha. Also, why is it my luck to get all the long courses? I managed to PR by LITERALLY 1.5 seconds. HAHA. How wild is that?! That was literally my only real goal of the day...

hiding agony.

I knew that this wasn't going to be a major PR race since I had just raced two halfs and also had been sick- so I was happy that on an off day, I still managed to be faster than my current fastest time. And that in a week, I had run my fastest half and my fastest 5k in 2 years back to back. While these aren't the wins I want, heyyyyyy- they are something, right?! ;-) Taking the wins I get and running with them.

proud owner of a 1.5 second pr.

Oh- and I qualified for Tracksmith's PR Bonus. Basically the coolest campaign ever. Run a PR in their clothes- they give you $250 of clothes. Um. RIGHT UP MY ALLEY. Can't wait to go on that shopping spree ;-)

me & my pacer-fiance (his pacing me is the reason why I agreed to marry him. ok, not the ONLY reason.)