Running UPbeat & that mental game.

Soooooo... I realized while in barre yesterday that I was no longer feeling like a victim of my running, if that makes sense. I think for far too long I felt wounded (strong word?) by my most recent races and really sensitive/fragile because of them. And now? I just feel fine. My running is what it is. I absolutely can't wait to prove myself- but I mean, I CAN WAIT. Haha. I am totally ok with waiting to do a marathon for awhile- or to do a half WHEN I'M TRAINED FOR IT AND READY FOR IT. When I finished Tokyo, I was thinking of doing M2B Half (or even the full for about 3 seconds before Tyler basically shot down that idea). And now with M2B so closeeee, I'm so happy I'm not. I need more time and space still. And it's fun running without imminent pressure. 

I definitely think that part of the pressure I had been feeling was due to falling into the comparison trap. Danielle LaPorte (motivational writer) wrote - "Comparison is a killer. Cut it out." Ain't that the truth. How are we limiting ourselves with comparison? How are we keeping our talents and dreams stifled because we are constantly comparing where we are to where others are? How are we limiting the joy that we feel for others because we are too busy comparing ourselves to them? How are we eliminating the joy that we feel towards our own success and accomplishments because we automatically compare them to others? Real talk. This is such a dangerous/obsessive trap to fall into that robs you of the joy of whatever you're doing (whether it's running/or your job/or your life). So... CUT IT OUT. ;-) Living a comparison-free life is the way I want to go. It's certainly not easy (since I think it's human nature to compare) but in order to get the most out of myself- and to be my happiest and most fulfilled self- I choose to not compare. Whatever I'm doing now- I'm clearly doing my best and working hard- so why would I rob myself of the joy of the process by comparing my Year 4 of running to someone's Year 10. Doesn't even make sense. 

Today- it's a good place to just run because I like it. And to get to focus on something different each week- like cadence, or my strength workouts, or my nutrition, but not feel like there is a hammer waiting to come down on me. Getting better for the sake of getting better & the love of the process is a much healthier/happier place to be. 

So the highlights of this week?

CADENCEEEEE, baby. I'm happy to put this back into the forefront of my running. I really think that my left hamstring tightness will be a thing of the past when I get my cadence back quick. Also- I feel like getting my cadence quick again takes like SOOO much more energy (at first) but once you get it back on track- you feel a lot more power coming from your hips (my personal take on it all). After having DISMAL cadence lately, I have been focusing on it on the treadmill and using my watch on the mill to monitor my cadence. I literally look at it every few seconds and just try to push it higher and higher. Day 1 of doing this- 171, Day 2- 175, Day 3- 178. Seriously. The focus translates into an actual improvement which makes it really really worth it. I know that for my 5k next month I'll consider it a win to have high cadence and faster turnover. 

TEMPOOOO. I do love doing some tempo workouts. I have been changing them up lately and focusing on shorter/faster workouts instead of the longer sustained stuff. With my 5k coming soon, I need to work on getting that speed back. This week I did 6 by 1 mile repeats and I had a lot of fun with it with an overall average pace of 6:44 (6:45, 6:39, 6:36, 6:44, 6:54, 6:45).

SPEED & FEASTING: So this is RANDOM. But I mentioned previously that since I had been eating lighter that Track sessions at night had been a LOT more pleasant. Usually I have awful stomach aches/nausea at the track (and I only recently attributed it to my overeating a late lunch which is a regular occurrence). I accidentally food roofie-ed myself this last Tuesday and paid the price again. SIGHHHH. OOps.  Still learning this- but hopefully won't be making this mistake again anytime soon. Hard to run fast when your stomach is trying to digest a Thanksgiving Day feast. 

Rundownnn for the week:

  • Monday- 6 miles + Kayla workout
  • Tuesday- Kayla workout + 8 X 800s @ 6:30 pace (7 miles total for day)
  • Wednesday- 6 miles
  • Thursday- 4 miles + Barre
  • Friday- RESTTTTTT ;-)
  • Saturday- 6 by 1 mile @ 6:44 average pace (14.3 miles total)
  • Sunday- Barre

In the words of BEYONCEEEE... I'ma keep running cause a winner don't quit on themselves. Enjoy your run today! ;-)