I am feeling a little more like myself after having been sick for over 2 weeks. THANK GOD. Between taxes & my cold- I'm thankful to be on the other side- a little poorer but with a lot less congestion. 

I have been feeling remarkably more excited and positive about my running- even having been sick. I know your mind is a POWERFUL place- and I think that taking off the marathon stress/burden has done amazing things for my psyche and my body. I was listening to a podcast (which I have been obsessed with listening to podcasts lately BTW) that talked about food & how you could be doing everything right but if you had emotional/spiritual stuff that you hadn't dealt with- that your body couldn't heal itself. And I think that applying that same concept to my running- that with a mindset that I'm still trying to catch up, that I'm on the pursuit of a redemption/revenge race, that I'm just still so far from where I want to be- all those thoughts affect me physically & mentally- and WON'T result in me finally bouncing back- but could keep me down in this slump even longer. NO THANK YOU. I'll take the express train out of this mess, please. Literally taking the marathon off the table has been the biggest sigh of relief. Sometimes you need to shake things up to get some different results. And clearly, hopping back onto the marathon train right now would be WAY too soon for me. 


I have been excited to get back to track/tempos and to really start putting in some work. I had been debating doing Mountains 2 Beach half or Rock N Roll SD Half- but I decided having some extra time to really rest/recover and start up training from the ground up would be most beneficial at this point. 

Here's the race schedule I've tentatively settled on:

  • Bonita 5k- June 18th
  • Old Pro's 10k- July 4th
  • Lululemon Seawheeze Half Marathon- August 13th

I think this let's me go back to BASICSSSS. I get to hit the reset button and start building speed from the 5k up. And it gets me excited about something other than the marathon. All REALLY good things for this girl.


1. Focusing on something other than what got me into the slump. Focusing on the marathon for too long has been a pretty disappointing track. Especially when I have kept choosing races which wouldn't really do me any favors. A lot can go wrong on marathon day even when controlling most variables- but deciding to make my marathon day that much harder by doing all of these crazy travel races has done nothing positive to show off my fitness. Ha. I'm excited to focus on a 5k in 8 weeks. Keeps things fresh and interesting and it's a nice and welcome break from marathon-specific training. 

2. Getting more rest. ESPECIALLY since I've been sick for now 2 weeks post-Tokyo- this lil bod needs some rest. I've been giving it more SLEEP and more rest from higher mileage (which is pretty much what I had been doing non-stop for 2 years). Super random- but in the Bible there is a biblical principal of letting the ground rest every 7 years and doing nothing with it (Exodus 23:11). Why? Because through this rest, the soil is revitalized, restored, and renewed. This principal of rest & the Sabbath (having a rest day every week) has literally been a part of culture and history for thousands of years. There's a reason for it- you keep pushing anything for too long and the results you get are the OPPOSITE of what you want.  So I'm gonna be over here resting for a bit. ;-)

Lake Miramar : where dreams are made. HAHA.

3. Shorter Intervals, Faster Legs.  My first two tempo workouts back were both 2 by 2 miles. SO MUCH FUN. No, really. I love getting to do the faster stuff and seeing some speed that I haven't seen in a while. Hoping to make these legs move quick again real soon. 

Peace Pies (in OB & Encinitas) is my FAVORITE for vegan, raw, gluten-free desserts. Sounds weird- but they are so tasty. About to dig in to a Chocolate Pie with Tyler- who REALLY likes it too. ;-)

4. Getting my nutrition on track & my weight on point. SOOOOO... I happened to see recently on my phone that my weight this time last year was a casual 8 pounds lighter than where I am now. Eek. That, my friends, is what happens when your boyfriend runs 100 miles a week and you eat every meal like it's an eating contest with him. Before Tokyo, I ate clean for January and February (literally no desserts or sweets, fries, or pizza- and I already don't eat anything really bad so basically all my meals were clean). And at the end of 2 months of deprivation, I weighed myself. I weighed the EXACT SAME AS WHEN I STARTED. Haha. Devastating for how many great french fries & yummy desserts I missed out on. So when I came back from Tokyo, I decided to do what I have reallyyyyyy not wanted to do for the last year- calorie count. I just know that while I'm at a healthy weight, I weigh more than I did previously when I was running quicker- so it would make sense that it feels like more work to run faster paces - since I'm legit carrying an 8 pounds weight with me for all these speed workouts. I started calorie counting on MyFitnessPal by downloading the super easy to use app on my phone. It's been eye-opening to say the least since I hadn't really been aware of the calories in what I've been eating and this has kept me a lot more accountable. Also, I feel like since I have limited calories in the day- I work harder to get the cleanest foods in since I know they help my body recover better. So far- it's been a really positive experience and I love that I am a lot more aware of what I'm eating. Also- randommmmm- but most Tuesday night track sessions I will have an extreme nauseousness/stomach cramping and I haven't been able to figure out what it is. I wasn't sure if it was not warming up or what- but it seems to hit me every Tuesday session- so I've chocked it up to the speed just causing me to have GI distress. Since I have been eating a LOT lighter for lunches, instead of my usual 1000-1600 calories I used to eat for a late lunch, I've noticed my Tuesday night track sessions have not had one single stomach pain. Soooo problem solved. Don't eat a whole gluten free pizza at 2 pm before a 6 pm Track sesh. 

I'll keep y'all posted on how this goes- and what I think of MFP- but so far, I'm down 4 pounds, which after 2 months of sacrifice and not an ounce lost, I'm pretty pleased with. ;-)

5. Loving what I'm doing. Life is good. Running is a gift- and remembering that daily is making this season of my life already such a good one. Taking a more relaxed approach to my running, not caring about when or where my next marathon is, and being a little more flexible with my running and training schedule is a good fit for where I am currently. 

If you're in a running rut, consider taking a break and reevaluating what's going on. Sometimes it takes hitting the pause button and doing a reassess to actually have anything change. I'm no hamster on a wheel- so I can't keep just going around in circles thinking that things will magically change. Stella got her groove back- and I'm aiming to get mine back too. 

Have a great run today! ;-)