How am I recovering from my marathon??!

BIGGGG SHOCKER. I'm training again. ;-)

I know, I know. I JUST did a marathon. I JUST blogged about how I had done 6 marathons in 23 months. And I said I needed a break. And I AM taking a break. From the marathon & the type of training that comes along with it. And the mental & emotional stress that I've experienced during it (side note: most of it inflicted BY me ;-). 

I'm a full month out from Tokyo & I feel SO much better. I can't even put it into words. No, I didn't have a great race in Tokyo. No, it showed NOTHING of where I believe my fitness was. And yes, it was another bad race in a string of bad ones. But I don't care. I need a break. And I have nothing to prove to anyone (repeating this to myself, ALL THE TIME). Taking the marathon pressure off and just thinking of doing some fast things in the half just makes running not such a dread/chore. 

So how DO I plan on recovering from this race & integrating training?

1. No long runs for 2 months. So I decided to lay off the long runs until the beginning of May- basically 2 full months off from doing a 20 miler before work. YES. Long runs are physically & mentally taxing- so part of my mental & phys break is breaking up with those LR's for a bit. Get some of my energy back, get some of my excitement back. They really aren't NECESSARY right now & I think my body could really use the rest/break for a bit. 

I'm excited to bring the joy back to my running. ;-)

2. MAJOR KEY: Key workouts ARE key. What I'm not compromising or dropping are my key workouts- tempos & track. Those are my favorite workouts anyways- and the quickest way to get my speed back so I'm excited to just focus on them. I'm back at track & we are doing lots of 800's this fall. I LOVE 800's. I did a lot of them in the lead up to M2B in 2014- and I think they are such a great way to get fit fast. And I'm back to tempo Saturdays and making my legs find some sustained speed. My first two weeks back with workouts have been great. I'm SO thankful. I've had some of my fastest running in a year and a half in these first couple speed workouts back. I'm happy that not only have I not lost my fitness, but the rest is clearly helping me find some speed. This is a HUGE encouragement & I'm excited to build from where I am now. 

3. Flexibility is the name of the game. Part of not doing marathon training is NOT having a rigid and structured schedule. The type A personality I have means I DO like structure, but right now, if it's not a key workout- it's nonessential and if there is any time for me to be more relaxed about my training it's on the backside of a 6 marathon run.  Being more flexible makes this period seem more casual & light. I LIKE THAT. ;-)

4. Stronger = Faster. I'm STILL focusing on strength like before. I have been hitting up da barre 3 times a week & getting my Kayla Itsines workouts out. In addition, I've had a glute that is just lazier/weaker and I've been doing some specific strength workouts that target that. More on that to come. I'm looking forward to seeing all this strength I've been doing for awhile to really benefit me. 

5. No expectations, but ALL the hope. This is a beautiful stage where I have no pressing races, but I get to be optimistic and hopeful about my running. I get to have excitement for the half marathons I'm doing later this season- and I know feeling those types of feelings will be loads better for my actual training. 

6. Nutritionnnnnn & portion control. (UGH.) So the allure of distance running is unlimited eating, right?! Or at least that's what I've had myself believe. I've started focusing more on nutrition & not eating SOOOO much. Eating until satiation, not until I've created the 12 month pregnant look. Food and performance and weight are so interconnected and figuring out the best plan for me is something that takes time & experience- but I'm invested in figuring it out. 

I am grateful for these DELICIOUS black bean burgers from Cafe Grat. 

7. #fastertogether. Going with this mantra and tapping into the resources of great friends who are fast & positive and getting on this faster together train. I've been like a hermit running alone for the last year. But I'm excited to start running with some friends and pacing off their speed & getting some of my own.  Part of re-integrating myself back into running with people is getting my confidence back. Overtraining and coming back from it has really done a number on me, but slowly seeing results & that feeds my hope & positivity. 


I'm already SO hopeful after this first week back. I know that I still have a LOTTTT of work to be where I want to be by goal race Lululemon's Seawheeze Half Marathon (big goals = lotsa work). But the feedback I'm getting from just my toe-in-the-water workouts leave me REALLY excited to do that work and really start seeing results that I have earned. 

The RUNdown of this week's training:

  • Monday: 6 treadmill miles + Kayla workout
  • Tuesday: 6 x 800s (6:21 pace); 8 X 100 (5:21 pace)  + Barre
  • Wednesday: 4 treadmill miles + Kayla Itsines workout
  • Thursday: 6 treadmill miles + Barre class
  • Friday: Kayla Itsines Ab workout
  • Saturday: 1.5 mi warmup, 2 by 2 mile tempo (first set: 7:03, 6:55; second set: 6:52, 6:55) with 1/2 mi rest, 4 mi cool down  (**fastest miles I have seen in too long for a tempo run. EXCITED.)
  • Sunday: Kayla Itsines legs + leg strength workouts

Hope you have a great start to your week & get out and run. ;-)

with some track club babes after their mile race. ;-) Tyler and I came straight from Ventura to this race (like 3 hour drive) and we didn't have time for me to go get my running shoes, so you better believe I was sprinting and cheering along in my rainbows.