tokyo, kara goucher, and taper.

W E   A R E   I N   T H E   W E E K   O F   M Y   M A R A T H O N.

I remember Dennis Kimetto setting the world record at the Berlin Marathon last year- and then curiously looking up how to ACTUALLY run the fastest course in the world. And then realizing they had a lotto. And then signing up for the lotto. And then writing a blog post about the lotto/marathon- and my (now) boyfriend commenting that he would see me in Berlin (poor thing - saw me a lot of times before Berlin too! ;-) And now it's finally almost here. 

in london with da fastest dude around… and tyler.

Geez. When I finished up Boston, I just had a false impression of how slowly time would go by before Berlin would start up. I NEEDED to take off time- physically and mentally from running- but then was UBER (getting at that german lingo now) slow in getting after it again - and then started panicking once Tijuana half marathon (July 27th) was here  and I hadn't done any speed and Tijuana was my fifth run over 6 miles since the Boston Marathon. No bueno. Thankfully- I got back on a schedule and got some structure into my running and have been slowlyyyyy improving and picking up some speed. 

Where does that leave us for this Sunday? Haha. ONLY GOD TRULY KNOWS. I do know that Dennis Kimetto isn't worrying about his world record. ;-) I'm still all over the place on what I should go out at. It's hard when you were previously at one speed and still think you can do that speed- but your current fitness isn't there so you just have to embrace the reality of the speed you're working with. I guess my ultimate goal is to come away with a PR. Not the same goal I had at my last two races- I had much bigger goals for Big Cottonwood last year- but after having a year of sooooo much hard work- lots of tempos, races, two a days, speed workouts and nothing really to show for it- I'll just be thankful to walk away from this race with a little PR. And then ya know- build off of it and get a bigger PR next marathon.

This season has felt short… mainly because it has been short! Ha. But you know- that's what I needed this time. I didn't run over 60 miles this season. I ran just 5 days a week most weeks. I didn't do any double run days (I did double workouts most days - but that would be a Kayla or a Barre and a run- never two runs). And that's all good and fine- because coming back from overtraining and overracing means being kind and gentle to yourself and knowing that in time things are gonna come back together- something I frequently have to be reminded of. (Thank you EVERYONE in my life for constantly reminding me of that and listening to me lament the current state of my (run) affairs!)

Here are da latest & da greatest:

Tokyo Marathon: Inspired by other running friends, I’ve decided to do all of the Marathon Majors (Boston, NYC, Chicago, London, Berlin, & Tokyo). This year I did Boston and will be doing Berlin and next year I want to cross a couple more off my list. I decided to look into Tokyo- and luckily I did so during their lottery month. (They have just August open for their lottery- which they reveal the results of in November.) But sadly I missed their July registration for their fast athletes, which I qualified for- which would have been guaranteed registration. ANDDDD.. I won the lotto- I'm going to Tokyo, babyyyyy. The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift will have NEW MEANING. 

i'll be there for the 10th anni??! how random/cool.

Kara’s Podium Retreats: Kara is the BEST so obviously when she posted her next Podium Retreat for October 23-25 in Breck- I had to sign up. Sadly my cuz won’t be coming with me (she has been going through some health stuff) but so many of the amazing girls we met out there last year will be there so I cannot wait for the reunion and for the recharge that this weekend will be for me personally.

Lululemon 2016: How can we already be signing up for an August 2016 race?! Well lulu signups for their Seawheeze Half Marathon were this last week and were literally the most stressful thing - it was like a russian roulette lottery to try and get a bib for their race (no rhyme or reason for who got through or why) but I'm sure glad that I did. I really have this vision of going back there and doing my half PR there next year… I have a number in mind. ;-) I'll probably do a fall marathon- but after Tokyo, PR-ing in the half will be my mainnnnnn focus. 

Soooooooo… gonna try to get all my stuff packed and not forget anything wild- like my garmins or my shoes. We're supposed to have good weather in Berlin - high of 68 on raceday which will feel like the Arctic Circle compared to this swampland we have been living in in San Diego lately. I'm going into this kindaaaaa blindly but I'll do the very best I can with what I have that day. Please say a prayer for Tyler as he is going for a big race at Berlin- I'm sure it'll be incentive for me to go faster throughout the race just to find out how he did. (Most likely he will finish an hour ahead of me. Showoff.) Feeling excited/scared/happy/blessed/nervous etc about this race. WISH ME LUCK! ;-)