Catching Up.

So after a bit of radio silence, I'm back-ish. Life has been busy. And I've been trying to get a handle on what's been going on with my running over the past … year? Eek. Seems like time has been flying- even though I feel like I haven't been.

So today we are 3 weeks out from Berlin [Berlin Marathon, September 27, 2015]. That is like NO time. I actually just finished my last hard run (20 miles at the easy breezy Lake Miramar in heat and humidity) and am heading into taper. Instead of freaking out and wishing I was at a different level of fitness now, I'm just being realistic about where I am today and figuring out what I can tangibly do today  to affect where I will be in 3 weeks. 

Some of my most recent takeaways:

1. Running less does not equal less fatigue when you overcrosstrain. OOPS. Who knew! I have been trying to get out of this fatigue funk I've been in since overtraining for Boston by running less this season. But in typical Type A fashion, I've been filling the time I would have been doing doubles with doing around 6-7 hours of strength cross-training a week- on top of 6 days of running a week. Maybe that would work for someone else. But since I'm still trying to dig myself out of this hole of overtraining/fatigue, it's just still TOO much. I'm backing off. 

2. Doing speed and tempo after months of NOT, is tough. I finally started back at track and have been a couple times- and have now done 3 tempos. All I can say about those workouts were that they were necessary, but not pretty. There is no way to get past the uncomfortableness of starting to do them again, than just by doing them. I know that consistency with the speed/tempos will eventually get me back to where I was (last summer). It has been ROUGH to say the least to have a point of comparison in speed work and in tempos to where I was this time last summer and it's really discouraging when I reflect on that. So instead of that- I'm taking where I am now and seeing the progress I have been making lately and just keep on chugging along- knowing that I will be back where I was, and then keep on making gains past that. 

3. I made my schedule. After weeks of going with the flow- I finally wrote out a schedule. It was  mostly to stop kamikazing my training with hard strength workouts on easy run days and then hard run days- so that basically every day was hard- i.e. no time for my body to rest/recover and actually make gains from my hard work. I also dropped down my runs from 6 days a week (with 6-7 strength sessions a week) to 5 days a week (with 6 strength sessions but more specific placing- i.e. leg workouts on speed/tempo days where my legs are already going to be destroyed). 

4. Dear Diary, I ran today. Ok so I decided to get this Believe Journal (from Lauren Fleshman- LOVE her) to be more detailed, focused, and reflective of my journey. Plus if I have it there in writing I figured I would be held accountable. Ok- real reason- Tyler guilted me into it. It's actually a really well put together training log with some good info/pace charts in there. I would highly recommend!

5. Getting back into shape seems to take awhile. When I say "in shape" I mean speed shape- the only way to explain how someone that works out around 12 hours a week is still "out of shape." That being said, I am willing to put in all the work necessary and just PRAYINNGGGGG I start seeing all my hard work come together. 

6. Counting on the extras. Doing all the extras.  The extras: supplements, stretching, rolling, sleep, etc. I just know that the extras add up- and I want to be more proactive with all of the other little things that could enhance this training. I'm not perfect- but I'm trying to be more consistent and really give myself the added boost to my training. I am keeping track of this in my new training journal. Look at me! I have been SOO much better at getting rest this cycle- which is great- and I have been making a huge focus on stretching and flexibility and rolling out my legs. 

7. Working on my nutrition. Trying to be light and quick like a Kenyan means I need to keep (or actually, get) my nutrition on point. I'm consciously trying to make the better decision when it comes to eating = more cooking and less eating out. With all the hard work I'm doing with my training, I want to give my body the nutrition it needs to fuel my workouts and let my body recover post-workout. 

organic kokonut mylk from Mokoko. DELICIOUS. got it at the OB Farmer's Mkt- you can get it here. 

I can't wait to see what happens in Berlin- just as a point of reference for where I am in my journey- and I'm thankful for the progress I'll continue to make. It's been an interesting journey (both physically and mentally) trying to come back and get in the shape I once was. And I'm trying to stay positive and focused while I'm getting back to it. 

Hope you got out on a run today. Have a great day! ;-)