So I'm firmly in taper territory- 11 days away from my marathon. WHERE DOES TIME GO?! I also am still a blogger- I know everyone was wondering since I've neglected my blog so badly.

Couple updates just to catch up:

  • My passport came in FINALLY on Monday night. THANK GOD. I only needed it by next Friday (when I fly out for Boston and then leave day after Boston for London). NBD. I play fast and loose with wayyy too many things. So now I have my Boston Marathon Runner's Passport & my UNITED STATES OF AMERICA passport. I'm ready. 

someone take me to Boston & London. i'm ready!

  • 80 mile weeks are a thing of the past (at least until next training cycle. How am I even saying those words right now?! TOO SOON. Wayyyy too soon to talk about next cycle.)

best part of a long run: it being over. hello skechers go meb speed 3's- I LOVE YOU.

  • I "tapered" into my lower mileage with a nice and miz marathon cold. Nothing says reward for all your hard work and endless fatigue like your body completely shutting down for a few days. That's one way to get me to slow down.

at the zoo a lil sick- but with the cutest kids ever.

  • I met Steph Rothstein Bruce & Ben Bruce. HOLLA. Don't worry- I totally didn't rungeek out over meeting them (just kidding- of course I did). They ran Carlsbad 5000- Steph's first race as a preg elite racer. Guys - she could be in the middle of delivering her child and still run a 5k faster than me. 

Terri (the real celeb here), Steph Rothstein Bruce, Ben Bruce & Josh Cox. Talk about a speedy (stalkerish?) pic.

spectating races is my new favorite thing. how am I going to run Boston if I've only been practicing my race spectating?!

  • This guy ran a BIG PR at Carlsbad- 15:07 for the 5k. London is going to be really good for his speedy legs.

that stride is something else.

  • I am currently trying to figure out if I will carb deplete for Boston.  If I do it starts next Sunday after my long run and then goes for a couple days (here is more info on carb depleting), until I break it with a carb resurrection when I eat anything carby in sight for the few days before the race. 
    • pro's- I did this for Mountains 2 Beach and for Big Cottonwood and ran decent races there; I know I physically can survive it (haha- but really it's not a laughing matter 4 days into no carbs)
    • con's- Having such a tough cycle with the phys/mental/emotional fatigue I went through, maybe I just need to have my carbs and try to feel good and get my head in the right space before my run?


I've been all over the place with this race. Literally all over the place. Coming into this training cycle with serious burnout (3 marathons plus a million half marathons last year) meant that I didn't get the phys or emo rest I needed to give myself a real chance. That said, I am hoping the fatigue wears off in time for me to feel fresh and bouncy and like running a PR. I am soooo thankful I get to run Boston. This time last year I was telling myself everyday that I was going to qualify at Mountains 2 Beach and that I was a Boston marathoner. Fast forward a year- and here I am, about to take off and run this race that I've poured myself into training for. 

Boston is 11 days away.... I got this.

Have an amazing day! Do yourself a favor and go run. ;-) I'm about to taper really hard.