So I am FINALLY back from my trip (Boston --> London) and am still processing all of the incredible highs and the hard lows on this trip. Because we had internet that even the Third World would be ashamed of in London (how is this even possible for every part of the city to have TERRIBLE internet)- AND my charger gave up on life after a day in London- I didn't get a chance to blog abroad. So here we go back to revisit this Boston2London adventure. (It's the next "Boston2BigSur" obviously…)

Boston by the Numbers- here's some hot numbers from my Boston Training:

  • FIVE- 20 mile long runs
  • FOUR- 18 mile long runs
  • FIVE- 80 mile weeks
  • THREE- emotional breakdowns (tears, tears and some more tears)
  • ELEVEN- weeks of serious training (i.e. not running a race every weekend)
  • EIGHT- blog posts during this training cycle (ironically a running blog is negatively affected by too much running)
  • TOO MANY TO COUNT- double days (gotta love doing DOUBLE the run clothes laundry)
  • FIVE- calls to Tyler to suggest canceling/postponing a tough workout for 1. weather, 2. new illness that just crept up, 3. dead legs, 4. I was alive and breathing and didn't feel like doing it.

The week before Boston was a lot of emotions. Everyone asking what my time goal and how I was feeling and me responding with some variation of, "I'm feeling a lot of emotions." (Most of these emotions were fear/anxiety that my legs wouldn't recover from my training in time to feel fresh again.)

We flew on Saturday morning from SD to Boston and arrived late on Saturday night and made it to our hotel.  I was so nervous on Saturday- but trying to stay pretty hopeful. I mean- I still had no idea what happened in the taper (i.e. would magic energy be back in my legs??!)

my amazing cuz met us out in Boston to support me for the race. SHE IS DA BEST.

We were concerned about finding food since we wouldn't be in til around 10 pm. Luckily there was an Irish Pub at the Westin Waterfront and I was able to get every carb they offered. The two plates directly in front of me were ALL for me. I shared with no one. 

We headed out the next morning to the Boston Marathon expo and took a long walk to get there. In hindsight, I'll never walk this much/spend this much time on my feet before a marathon. Just want to give yourself every advantage possible, come raceday. 

It was so much fun seeing the San Diego Track Club at the finish line. It was also MUCH better weather the day before. I was still pretty hopeful that the weather the next day would dramatically change...

It was so special to have my cuzin there in Boston with me- she was such an amazing support in my journey to qualify for Boston so I definitely felt like it was OUR Boston. I couldn't imagine going to Boston and Erin not being there. 

Things started getting real at the expo. A real number. A Boston shirt. Everyone around super excited to run one of the most prestigious races out there. 

At the expo we watched a video of the course- really my first introduction to the course - as I don't like to really psyche myself out. I was a bit surprised with how it basically had rollers throughout the whole course. Was really trying hard NOT to freak out. Unsuccessfully. 

This great sign was ONLY seen at the Expo. They forgot to bring it to the race/it down poured and would have been ruined/all I wanted to do was live during the race so I really could have cared less. 

We went to the new Adidas Boston store and there was this really cool look at the course. It's a new store right by the Finish Line that has a focus on the Boston Marathon. So you can get your Boston Marathon fix ALL YEAR 'ROUND. 

Because everything was so crazy that day, we didn't have a chance to figure out dinner reservations and it was like 5:30 and we still had NO clue what we were doing. It didn't help that the week leading up to the race was so crazy so I did zero planning for Boston, except the actual packing for the race. I texted Adri to see what she was doing and she was amazing and let us tag along to her and Eric's pre-race dinner. We had amazing food and great convo which put me more at ease before the race. Nothing like expecting to have a romantic dinner with your boyfriend and having your friend and her entourage tag along. Thanks, Adri!!! ;-)

the last supper

We finished up dinner and went back to the hotel-and got back around 9-ish. Once I realized it would be raining and freezing, I changed up my game plan and borrowed Tyler's hat and arm warmers. THANK GOD I DID. As miserable as the race conditions were, I cannot imagine what they would have been like if I didn't add the hat and arm warmers to my routine. 

The day before the race, I was trying to stay positive, but was just SO very unsure what was going to happen the next day. I don't think I have ever felt quite like this. I mean, I always get pretty nervous- but this one I genuinely had no clue if my legs would be back to normal. That uncertainty was super tough to deal with the day prior. 

We got to bed a little later than I like to - maybe 10:30 or something and race nights always tend to be really stressful to fall asleep- not sure how long I fell asleep for but I know that I WAS asleep for some time, so that's a win. I wish there was a way to guarantee a good night's sleep before a race- but that's just not realistic- so I'm just happy when I get SOME sleep. 

To be continuedddd….. 

[Boston Marathon Race Recap up soon…]