Soooo most of the races I go to, I participate, rarely spectate. The day after my Super Run 10k, I went out to cheer people on for the Cardiff Kook Run 10k. Um if you are in need of some SERIOUS speed-spiration, that is just the thing to do. There were some seriously fast runners out there.

We got there early in the morning and bopped around waiting for the start. It started 30 minutes later than the website stated (Kook fail)- but besides that everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. Pretty sure I woke up LIGHT YEARS earlier for a race that I spectated for (5:20 am for an 8:30 start) than I did for the race I actually RAN in (5:50 am for a 7:30 am start) the day before. Potato potahto.

hi encinitas sign.

We headed down the course to the 1 mile mark/5.2 mile mark (since it was an out and back) because I felt like this would be the spot where they would need it most (last mile push before the finish).  Pretty exciting seeing all of the elites sprinting through. 

parked at the mile 1/mile 5.2 spot ready to cheer everyone on

I literally cannot handle how fast they were all going. WHY CAN I NOT MAKE MY LEGS MOVE THAT FAST??!!

what a 4:56 mile 1 of a 10k looks like. scary fast.

Nothing better than having a cheering crew to make race spectating more fun. 

cheer crew. 7 strong.

cheer crew. 7 strong.

Natasha LaBeaud set a new course record and was first female (obviously, she's amazing). Here's a cool article about her. She's crazy fast. 

natasha labeaud KILLING it.

It was a good day for this dude too. He got a PR and came in 8th overall. The London Marathon is gonna be gooddddd. 

i spy a fresh to death 2015 boston jacket. 

Speaking of...  I have my tickets booked to Boston and I am starting to get nervous. Every time I think about Boston or even say the word I get butterflies. Probably a littleeee too soon to be getting butterflies, I need to just be training hard and resting harder for about 12 more weeks before I am allowed to feel nervous excitement. Excited that Shalane and Meb will be racing Boston this year (even though I literally won't see their race since I'll be running it myself) - but still knowing we are breathing the same air is enough for me. 

Have an amazing day- and get out and do a run. Or two.