She got CARRIED away [or what it's like to be a running bridesmaid]

don't you normally do running photos shoots with your best gals in matching outfits?! Photo Cred: Ryan Torres Photography

So one of my girls from Track just got married (she's in our track club babes/text a million times a day group) and instead of having an actual wedding party, she had running bridesmaids. Smart girl. I was super pumped to be able to have a weekend with the girls- it’s tough when your lives are so busy plus insane training. 

photo cred: my shaky long selfie arm

We drove up to Ventura for the wedding Friday night with an early morning Saturday run (6:45 am, y’all!). We had the sickest beach house in Ventura – literally right on the beach and three stories with enough room for the 7 of us. We didn’t get in til midnight or something and probably didn’t go to bed til 1 which made a 6:45 am run seem early. Carrie is great and actually had a photo shoot scheduled for us. Then after that a run and then brunch. Perfect morning.

i can run endlessly when a camera is around. Photo Cred: Ryan Torres Photography

It ended up being a super fun morning- and even better that it was a chill run (two weeks post Berlin and definitely enjoying taking it easy). Did I mind that we only did 3-4 miles? Um no. I could have done a yoga session at the beach and called it a day. Haha.

so one photographer isn't enough?? photo cred: random surfer who I convinced to do a mini photo shoot of us

it IS possible to get tangled mid-air. Christine- I'm looking at YOU! ;-) Photo Cred: Ryan Torres Photography

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and enjoying getting ready for the wedding. When do I ever actually take time to get ready? Never. So this was really fun. (Seriously, if you have seen me in the last couple years and have sited me with my hair done and dried- it's as rare as a Loch Ness sighting.)


Spending time chilling with the girls and reconnecting even with our busy and stressful lives was just so good for the soul. I think I need to do stuff like this pretty regularly to not get caught up in the frenzied movement that life can be and learn to really focus on the things and relationships that matter. Talks with these girls help to put that kind of stuff in the right perspective. Also, an excuse to dress up in matching outfits and have a photoshoot? Please. You do not have to ask me twice.

Running bridesmaids are pretty much my new favorite thing.

Killing it.  

Thanks Carrie for having us be apart of your wedding. We LOVE our beautiful running (NOT runaway) bride. It was amazing getting to celebrate such an amazing, generous, kind, and loyal friend. You were an amazinggggly beautiful bride!