So I went up to LA last weekend to run the New Year's Race - second year running, y'all. In case you haven't heard the story (first off, lucky you), I ran the race with my cuz and two friends from LA Roadrunners that I did Ragnar Socal and Ragar Napa with - Erica & Aletta. Somehow day of I managed to starve myself driving up to LA and then going to race expo- and didn't get a chance to eat til 5 pm (the race was at 7 pm for reference). Luckily I made GREAT choices and picked up Fat Burger fries. Then headed over to Carl's Jr. for the main course- chicken strips and curly fries and sweet potato fries. Surprisingly, when it came time to race 2 hours later, I wasn't feeling awesome.

Needless to say- that race feeling like a step above death + TONS of hills (how many times can you run up and down around Dodgers Stadium? answer: 5 times is not too many) was a bit rough. I said I wouldn't do it again. It was also less than ideal for my compatriots- one took an Uber back to the finish, the others suffered through to Personal Worsts. We all felt a lil stripped of dignity- which makes it even more puzzling why I would suggest the crew give it another good college try. I should be a politician because somehow I convinced everyone to sign up again. Us poor fools. 

This year was BASICALLYYYY a step above last year's disaster. First off- Erin & Erica opted out of the race a couple days/hours before, leaving Aletta and I to sojourn through the hills of Los Angeles alone.

I got to bed super late the night before- slept in, and then waffled all day with whether or not I would go to to the race- to the point that when I finally decided I would do it, it was too late to get my bib from the expo. Luckily Aletta had a friend heading to the expo who was able to grab it for me. I got to Aletta's by 4:15 pm and we left her apartment by 4:30 pm to head to downtown LA for our 6 pm race. It was FREEZING. Seriously. We got to downtown- started freaking out about the parking a little (ok...  A LOT) and then finally gave up on finding an economical parking option and decided to just do valet parking garage (we were feeling DESPERATE and worried we weren't going to make the race). As we pulled into the lot, the valet asked why we were there- we said the race- and he let us know parking was $10. WHAAAAA. It was meant to be.  Two blocks from the start line in a valet lot that we could stay in all night in downtown LA for $10. Unreal. 

downtown LA, babbbbyyy

We bopped on over to the start line, found her friend with my bib, and then went to bag check to get rid of our stuff. Crazy thing was bag check line was SO long... and there was NO line at the portapotties. WHAT IS GOING ON IN LOS ANGELES?!

my SOLEmate, aletta. aka the other psycho race loving runner out there. 

We made it to the start line like MINUTES before the race. I tucked into a huge crowd to block the wind/cold and kinda wished I could stay there all night long. In the race womb. Not so lucky. We started probably a few minutes late, but it wasn't too bad. I also sadly realized I didn't grab my gloves out of the bag check. I've gotten quite used to having gloves on and love having my hands warm during a race when it's so cold out. And my poor hands would eventually go numb during the race. Normal. 

bahahahahahha. THIS is what happens when you sign up for a race MONTHS in advance. you have UNREALISTIC goals for the following year, evidently. no guys- i'm not doing an Iron this year. NO WAY.

SOOOO the race Pro's & Con's:


  • cheap race- I think under $100
  • great swag- I got a cute half zip black pullover- super nice for cold early morning runs
  • unique idea- downtown LA at night
  • well organized
  • PLENTY of hydration- I skipped aid stations- that's how much hydration there was
  • victory lap (mid-race) through Dodger's Stadium
  • super easy picking up bag check post-race


  • cold- ok they can't control the weather- whatever
  • the bag check line was wayyy too long
  • they brought huge lights to some of the more desolate trail-y areas that we ran on- but there were some areas that could have been better lit
  • LOTS of looping- seriously felt like a bad dream- I'm going up, down, looping back... ya get the picture

fresh2death. ok just for the picture. i more looked like death in real life. ps the guy in back of me is my soulmate. he's so serious.

The race started out in downtown and then looped out towards Dodger's Stadium... which is on a hill overlooking the City. How do you get from downtown LA to Dodger's Stadium? By climbing it, of course. Guys. It was so much climbing. I had a goal pace in my head. HAHA. By the end I was just begging for it to be over and to not be freezing.

highlight of race was seeing Joel & Tim out on the course. that and the finish line.

My first two miles and last mile were 7:20's. The remainder of the race I just pushed myself hard effort- but honestly- sometimes I was giving up on life on some of the climbs. It was 1272 feet of climbing. Geez louise. And sometimes I just stopped caring and let my legs plod. It was tough climbing with legs that felt super tired from the week before's Holiday Half Marathon. Literally by mile 3, I just felt like my quads were unable to pick up and move. 

on the verge of dying from hypothermia.

I finished. Somehow. The race was a tough one. Fastest girl was a 1:31:52. [Pretty slow for a girl winner.] I came in at 1:47:06- like 9 minutes slower than the week before. Geez louise. But came in 25th woman- so that shows you how lady lonely it was on that course. 

Getting back to our car was a STRUGGLE. It was now officially freezing and I never thought we would make it back. We met up with our delinquent racers for some MUCH NEEDED fuel. 

Also- this race was my VERY FIRST TIME using my new Adidas Adios Boost 2.0. What better time to try them out than at a race. I liked them. Honestly, to give them a real shot I would have to do a track workout or a real race where I didn't have legs made out of concrete. But who cares how they ran, they just look soooo sick. (Just kidding, not kidding.)

Hope you have a great day. And hope I've inspired some other masochist to do New Year's Race in my place next year! I am officially New Year's Race retired. It's been a good/hilly run.