Getting over it.

Guys!!!! I'm happy because this weekend was my last race until Boston. I know. Words I really thought that I wouldn't so readily welcome. But if Saturday's Super Run 10k showed me, not only is burn-out real- but so is overracing, dead legs. It wasn't in my head. My legs were made of lead. 

my thoughts as I am running the last .1 miles - "God, please let me beat the 4 year old running the 5k..." a new low.

I have been training well lately... and over racing and I need to take it down a couple levels so that my body can train and recover and feel quicker. 

my amazing friend suly won the 10k and then came back a half mile to run me in.  I kept hearing "relax, loosen up."

Soo what is my game plan to shake this feeling and to get back to training/start feeling good again:

1. Be boring. Get back to a routine. As amazing as racing is (and believe me- I LOVE ITTT), it takes a LOT out of you. I flew across the country to Miami for 2 days to run the Half and the race and the traveling takes a lot out of ya. From now until Boston, I'm basically not going to be traveling or racing- which leaves me with more time to train & rest. Boring. PERFECT.

2. Rest up. Let my body get what it so desperately needs. Sleep and time to recover. You can't recover from hard training sessions and high mileage by not sleeping or g0-go-going. I can keep doing that, but I may as well kiss my speed goodbye then. Sleep and recovery will be a huge priority going forward.

blessed with great friends who celebrate highs and encourage during the lows.

3. Get to the Core. I haven't done barre/consistent core work for a MINUTE (read: 6 months. gah.) Putting that as a priority going forward. Most likely, I'll sell a kidney and pay for a month back at Barre because I know that helps immensely! I just remember last M2B marathon training season- my mileage wasn't THAT high- but I was consistently hitting up da Barre and it made up for the lack of miles.

4. Relax. Things take a hot minute to come together. And dead legs take a while to come back from. I'm going to continue to be faithful/consistent and trust that things will shake out for a great time at Boston in April.

5. Look up. Going through the race, I kept saying in my head how absolutely demoralizing running this race was in the condition I was in (4th race in a month, with a half marathon 6 days before, and a MEGA long speed workout on Tuesday and some high mileage days during the week). (Demoralizing= Coming in 2.5 minutes off my PR from a hot summer race that I took a bathroom break in. Geez.)  I KNEW going into the race that I wasn't fresh, my mind and body were tired, and then I clearly didn't taper for it. That being said, I still was super hard on myself. (Btw-Thank you to all the great people in my life for talking me off the ledge.) Then later in the day, I snapped out of it. And just said- I refuse to feel bad for myself coming in a few minutes off my PR. Really?! If that is the biggest worry/complaint I have about life right now, I would say I'm sitting pretty. I'm hoping that my legs can recover real quick in time to do a sick time at Boston. But if they don't- I have Berlin to shoot for- or another great marathon. I'm blessed to pursue something I love and to be ungrateful over a poor performance at a non-goal race 10k just doesn't make sense.

Hope this helps someone out there today. I obviously still care GREATLY about my running and will make every tangible effort to get my speed back on track- but until my legs are back where I want them- I'm going to have an attitude of gratitude for the opportunity to run everyday.

Have an amazing day!