MERRYYYYY CHRISTMAS & Holiday Half Weekend!

I hope everyone had just the most wonderful Christmas with their families and celebrated the holidays so well. Life moves way too quick so it's important to really enjoy the downtime.

reading the Christmas story on Christmas Eve... never gets old. 

I celebrated with family and with some runs- but the runs were mostly to allow me to binge eat my way through Christmas without guilt. NORMAL.


We had an amazing Christmas with my whole family and my cuzins and their family- basically the best thing ever.


My cuz J has just about the cutest boys (6 & 8 years) in the whole world so it's always my favorite thing to get to play with them. We played "Ragnar" with them - which basically consists of them having to run while we drive next to them and yell at them to run faster. NEVER let me babysit your kids. ;-) I am getting them pumped for our Turkey Trot next Thanksgiving and will force them to be runners- whether they like it or not. You're welcome, J! I also taught both boys how to run on the treadmill this Christmas. They LOVED treadmill running and kept fighting each other to treadmill run and were trying to hop on the treadmill during my workouts. YES.

cuzins that run together... dont get fat together?!

I have the Holiday Half this weekend- and while I was originally planning a great PR- I'm honestly completely unsure of what will happen. I think I figured that once my fall marathon was over I would pick up my fitness right where I left it there- and since it's taking me awhile to come back, it's felt frustrating and slow going. It's clear I need to readjust my expectations and just be faithful with the work and trust that the results will follow shortly. Just blessed to still be able to run injury-free- that is never something I want to take for granted!

It'll be all of us cuzins and my sister running the race this weekend, so hopefully the entire clan will not be shamed. At least we can console each other...

from last year's Holiday Half pacing... if only I could just pace this year. 

Hope you got some good runs in with these couple of days off... and I hope that I am able to maintain some semblance of dignity this Sunday. CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Shout out to my cuz CHE who is in LIBERIA for a year with the Army for a Humanitarian Mission (he went over to help with the whole Ebola crisis). Thanks for serving our country, cuz. I am praying for your safety over there. ;-) MERRY CHRISTMAS (a day late)!