More Random Than Rain in SOCAL!

So some of the random and fun things that have happened lately in this accidental hiatus I've taken.... here we go:

1. I am back in action on Team Nuun!!!! Excited to be back for another year with a brand I so love. Per the email detailing the updates in the program:  "If you are currently a Nuun Ambassador - you have been upgraded to be a Member of Team Nuun, a competitive group of athletes that represent Nuun through their athletic endeavors and love of sport."  The email must have been sent to the wrong person because competitive and athlete aren't the best description for me- whateverrrrr, I'll take it. Happy to be back for more Nuunlovinggg. 

2. Speaking of Nuunloving- we had our work Christmas party this last week and I got to meet a Team Nuun member that so happens to work out of the Vegas office of our company. After knowing the Nuun-Voit connection since this summer- it was awesome to get a face-to-face. 

3. UGH. I don't think there is anything else to say but UGH. Hoping and praying that these athletes playing dirty don't ruin the sport for the ones that are running clean.

sad day. read more here


sleeping post-half marathon = GOOD IDEA.

Read an article lately and was REMINDED how important sleep was to my running- and how not as consistent sleep may be affecting my running. Sigh. This whole having a job and a life and trying to train for races makes it hard to get sleep.

read more about catchingggg zzzz's here

5. Pick up your Competitor this month- I'm bopping around on the stairs. 


Training this weekend was decent- I have Holiday Half next weekend so I didn't want to get too wild out there. Did 11 miles on Saturday with 4 tempo thrown in there at 7:10. I'm definitely not where I wanted to be pre-Holiday Half- but trying to keep big picture in mind- BOSTONNNN, babyyyyy. Then Sunday, I did a casual 10 miles - tapering is bliss. 

Hope your week is off to a great start- so nice when it's just a halfer. Have an amazing day!