San Diego Turkey Trot Race Recap

Guys! A month out from this Turkey Trot I was super amped for it- a chance to PR and break into the 20's. FINALLY. (My PR set a few weeks after my May marathon was a 21:14.) In the few days leading up to this,  I a little bit felt like DEATH (only a slight exaggeration). I really wasn't sure if I should continue with it and I was mad that I had already paid money for it and couldn't back out. The day before I basically laid on the couch most of the day and drank tons of OJ and lots of tea- trying to nurse myself back to health quickly. 

Morning of the race, I mistakenly thought the race started at 7:30 and was walking over to the start when I found out it started at 8 am. This is a pretty normal thing for me in terms of race logistics. Details are never my forte.  Back to the car I went for some SERIOUS facebook time and wishing that I didn't have to ACTUALLY run. When I got out of the car and back to the course, I realized they didn't actually have a gear check (like our bibs said)- so some nice people at a booth said they would watch my bag and asked me what time I was going for that way they could cheer me on. Sweet souls. I told them 20:xx (ignorance is bliss) and off I went. So the SD Turkey Trot is actually a pretty huge race. No idea the total amount of participants but there was a 15k, 10k and 5k. The 5k had almost 450 people in it- so there were a lot of people out there. 

The way the race was set up they let the 15k runners out first, then the 10k, then the 5k. Makes sense right?! Let the fastest pace race go behind all the dawdlers. Right as we toed the line for the 5k, I found out that the race was trail and on grass. Great. Definitely had not set expectations based on that- but set them based on a road race. 

We were off and I reminded myself not to go out too fast when i saw 6:00 and 6:15 on my watch at the beginning. I slowed my roll to a 6:45 and then a 7:00 and folks- it never sped back up. Haha.  (I wish I was joking.)

I got caught up behind the slower 10k and 15k runners- some 3 people wide or with strollers and children. It was rough, folks. Bobbing and weaving was a reality of the first mile and a half. The worst for me was that in races I usually use the people in front of me as pace guides- chase them down and you're probably doing ok. During this race, I had to mentally check myself so that I didn't think that I was supposed to be pacing off of walkers with strollers.

I don't think there is much else to say about this race except that I held on to whatever dignity I had left and sprinted in to the finish. Just kidding. There was no dignity. I just got to the finish line. Time: 21:52.  Please see photographic proof for how dramatic I can be in races. Don't zoom in on the face too much. I did- and I'm still scarred from it. 

what's more shameful? how pained I look for how slow that race was or how white my stomach is. tossup.

When the results were announced, my only consolation this race was that I came in second girl overall. If I had gone out and done my original goal- I would have been first girl. Potato Potahto. I was pretty frustrated after the race that I literally had no faster gear to go into. I think feeling sick the couple days before wiped me out for this race, so I shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth and just be happy I wasn't second girl from the end. Small victories.

blingggg, baby.

Friday I did 6. 5 miles easy because I wasn't planning on doing a tempo on Saturday. Then, my plans changed and I was able to do a tempo- but SERIOUSLY wasn't expecting much because I had just done a race and I wasn't running on fresh legs (usually take the day off before a tempo). I went out for the tempo and did my best tempo in awhile - 4 miles @ 7:07 pace for a total of 10 miles including warmup/cooldown. Go figure. 

Sunday I did my long run- and kept it easy peasy with just 15 miles- last week I did 15 and was doing lovely until 12 when I felt like I was slowly dying and my pace slowed dramatically for an average of 8:30. This week I was super tired in the beginning so I just let myself jog it and enjoy my jams (why am I the best runDJ ever?!). I decided to run a lil quicker the last 5 mile lap and was getting some good miles in for an 8:27 average for the 15 miles. I much prefer feeling strong to the end to feeling like a wilted/beaten flower at the end of a run. 

Here's hoping that next year's Turkey Trot is a lil faster, I'm a little tanner, and that I learn better facial control so I don't look like someone being murdered while on a "fun" turkey trot.

Have an amazing day- and get out there for a quick run! ;-)