Run Thankfulness

It was just a few Thanksgivings ago that my running love started. Or more the IDEA of running started. My family spends Thanksgivings with my cuzins in LA and seeing my cuzin Erin come back from a run she went on inspired me to sign up that Thanksgiving for 1. LA Marathon, 2. San Diego Marathon, 3. San Diego Track Club- all before running a single step. Go big or go home, evidently. If there is one thing I can easily commit to- it's races. 

My Run Thankfulness List:

1. The opportunity to eat any and everything - kinda. I get to eat like a teenage boy because I run so many miles. And that my friends, is a reason to give thanks!

2. Health- Everyday that I get to go out and run is such a blessing that I do not ever take for granted. Whenever I am having a tough morning getting out and secretly hating having to run- I try to check myself and remember that there are plenty of people who wish they could be in my (ginormous) shoes and having the opportunity to run (there are also plenty of people who would even if they had the opportunity rather have a root canal than have to run- so there is that). 

3. Reflective time- The biggest thing running did for me when I first started was provide me the opportunity to process life. It was the best/healthiest thing I have done for myself. It was time to meditate, and think, and process things and to become so at peace and content with where I was in life- and for that I am so very thankful. Life can get so crazy busy that you lack the purposeful opportunities to really reflect and process things- and for me, running was a built-in hour or so a day to do that. 

4. Community- The run community has really enriched my life in such a special way. I've made friends who have encouraged, motivated and challenged me to be a better runner and a better person. If you are looking to have more positive friends in your life, chances are you should add a runner to your friendgroup.

I sure am thankful for my friend Adri! 

5. Having the opportunity to share my runlove with others- I think I love this one most. Because running changed my life in such a positive way, I love being able to share my excitement for it with  others and hope that it can have the same positive impact for others. 

6. Run Outfits- Who doesn't love to dress up for races (or is that JUST me?!) Races lets me channel my love for dressing up- just in a totally different style. 


Something I am VERY thankful for is the opportunity to get to run the Berlin Marathon next year. I was so nervous from the minute I submitted my lotto entry to when I received the email letting me know that I had been chosen. I literally couldn't breathe opening up the email- and it was all in German so I had no idea... until I scrolled down in English and saw... I WAS IN. September 27, 2015 is going to be an amazing day.  Super excited to get to run Boston and Berlin next year... and possibly thinking of doing a third major next year- but it will depend on how the next month plays out. ;-) 


I hope that you had an AMAZING Thanksgiving weekend and that you took some time to get a run in and be thankful for a body that lets you move. ;-)