Doping and the Windy NYC Marathon

So this was a pretty crazy last couple days in da runworld...

First- RITA JEPTOO (winner and course record holder at Boston this year and winner at Chicago a few weeks ago). If you didn't already hear- one of her samples was found tainted (i.e. she allegedly doped). They still have to test the second sample and it may be weeks before we know. You can read more here. My reaction to it was just to feel very sorry for her. I know that reaction is probably not shared by many- but I feel bad that she had this God-given talent and then compromised it and her legacy by poor decisions. And then I feel even worse for all her competitors who were robbed of a true win. A win isn't the same years later when you don't get to bask in the glory of the moment. Just a bummer any way you look at it. Moral of the story: don't dope.

NEED TO GET THIS SHIRT ASAP (that way people will know I'm not doping since I'm THAT fast):

lauren fleshman is my homegirl.

So onto more pleasant topics- the NYC MARATHON. 

Lots of crazy things about the race- here are top 10 favorite things about the race:

1. THAT WIND. There was a 45 mph headwind for a casual 3/4ths of the race- making it the slowest race since 1984 (a really hot and humid race). This race seemed a lot more about strategy (how long you can stay with lead pack and get buffered from wind) than about speed. Just wasn't really possible in that weather. Even the wheelchair race had to start on the other side of the Verrazano Bridge because it was too dangerous for them to go across. 

2. Annie Bersagel- I had never heard about her until this race- but she is a full-time lawyer... and a runner. I LOVE THIS. I know how much harder it is to train working around work- so it's pretty impressive that she is able to make the law and the run work for her. She came in tenth in an impressive 2:33:01. 

4. MEB!!!! From coming in 23rd last year to coming in 4th this year- this has been an amazing year of redemption for him after a hard NYC race last year. He was so strong and confident throughout. Just amazing to see- always a class act. We love our San Diego hero!

5. These shoes. Pretty much all the Kenyan males were wearing them- also the shoes that the last two world records were set in. They look especially good when going fast.  I definitely want to try them at some point. 

I will not shame these shoes while wearing them while I'm slow and out of shape. That's the least I can do.

6. Great comeback for San Diego native Desi! She stayed up with the leadpack for so long- and was the first American woman in. She had been out with injury but has been back and at it for some time and this is her first marathon back. Happy to see her injury free and hoping to see some more crazy fast times from her.

7. Great job to Caroline Wozniacki on her first marathon (3:26:33) - she said that her marathon training actually helped her tennis. Pretty incredible. [Sidenote: Kinda irked that she got as much coverage as she did and that the pro's didn't get more of that coverage- but ya know, what can you do.]

Yes, Serena. Totally normal to cry. Welcome to marathoning.

8. Wilson Kipsang- WON NYC and let's be real- dude had the most motivation on the course to win- an extra $500k if he won (World Marathon Majors Championship prize money). His kick at the very end of the race was insane. You would have thought it was a 400 meter race and not a marathon. So strong and confident. He held the world record in the marathon until this last Berlin marathon when Dennis Kimetto kindly dethroned him and took us just a little bit closer to a sub 2 hour marathon (I use the word "us" loosely. I am not apart of any effort to take down a 2 hour marathon.)

9. This Japanese dude- YUKI KAWAUCHI!!!! I'm obsessed with him. Please read this article- so fascinating. A quick synopsis- he runs 11 marathons a year, with 4 of them being sub 2:10. INSANE. No other elite runs that much- or at that level/quality. Also, he works a full-time job and doesn't take on any sponsors. Annie and Yuki should inspire the lay runner (is that really the term?!) that a job isn't really an excuse from not going all out and striving for your full potential. Also, he is my racing soulmate. Seriously.

Did I ghostewrite this answer?!

yuki and i are also race photo soulmates. i thrive off of pain shots.

10. Kara and MarathonLOVE- If you watched the marathon you saw Kara with the leadpack really far into the race. She said that she knew she wouldn't be sticking with them for long so she had planned her long runs around this without a pacer since she would be working alone. It was a tough day for everyone and I know that this was not a gentle welcome back to racing marathon for her. She did incredible and you could tell she was fighting the whole way. Her interview after the race made me tear up- so raw and vulnerable. Just reminds me of how fragile the marathon can make you. You invest your heart and soul into something that basically could give you the best of days or the worst. I know that her best and fastest days are still ahead of her and your character is shown by fighting on the hard days and not giving up. Another reason why she is America's fastest sweetheart. 

best perpective. 

So this weekend I had all of the intentions in the world to get up and do a 2-3 mile tempo at the lake. When I woke up at 5:15 am on Saturday and it was pouring raining- I thought- no need to be a martyr 6 months out from Boston. So I slept in and did 10.5 treadmill miles and caught up on Scandal. 

I overate at our Thanksgiving feast. WHAT'S NEW?! Thank God I can run it off.

Sunday morning I woke up at 6 am for the NYC Marathon and I did 15 treadmill miles which went by so fast and easily because the marathon was that good. I have really mastered the art of texting, running, and not falling off. I am so inspired by all of the hard fought races in NYC. I'm hesitant to race that race because of how hard it seemed today- but I do know that I will probably be doing it sooner than later (like I wouldn't be shocked if it was next year). 

Hope your weekend was the perfect balance of too much running and too much eating- like mine was. Have an amazing day!