Top Ten Tuesdayyyy

It's TRACKKKK day- and that makes me REALLY happy (even happier if I don't accidentally shame my family by being really slow on the track). Here are some Tuesday randoms to occupy your day with just a little bit more RUNLOVE.

1. I SIGNED UP FOR MIAMI Half Marathon in January. Cannot think of anything better than to get to run a flat and easy (but possibly humid?) course with my best girls from law school. Danielle has been trying to get me down to MIA for a few months- if she only knew it was as simple as suggesting a Half and I would book right away- she may have tried that sooner. I'm so predictable. 

Just super pumped to be able to see these special girls and get to run with them- maybe get a PR too? Is that asking for a lot? Here's a law school throwback. 

promise you I didn't know what a tempo run was at this point. and could never have fathomed running for fun.

2. THIS. Can I please read this to myself everyday? Being a Type A person automatically means you are your toughest critic. 

3. MO FARAHHHH AND THIS. (He is my run spirit animal. He always cracks me up.)

4. Countdown is REAL for Berlin Lotto. Just TWO days before they MAY tell me (i.e. welcome to no sleep 'til I find out). PLEASEEEE GOD- let me get into Berlin Marathon!!

5. Our Track Club Dinner last night featured some amazing people- and Competitor did a little write up on them. 

How cute is Donna?! She was seriously the spunkiest, most inspiring person. 

6. I finally bought Spirit of the Marathon II. I had been meaning to for FOREVER since watching the movie SOLD me on running the Rome Marathon this past March. It will all be SO much more special to see since I struggled and labored on the Roman streets. 

Spirit of the Marathon II did not tell me I would get COMPLETELY soaked before even getting to starting line.

7. Fighting this- and learning how to stay mentally checked in. This may come in handy next week for my 5k/death march. 

8. This racing weight calculator.... can it be right if you don't put your height in?? Interesting stuff though. Answer the few questions and see how close you are to optimum racing weight!

9. Evidently 28 is the ideal age for marathoning?! I don't buy it - but here's science and graphs to try and tell you that. The ideal age for marathoning for me is every year I GET to do a marathon. ;-)

10. THANKFULNESSSSS! It's almost Thanksgiving and I am ridiculously thankful for everything that running has brought into my life- a new appreciation for life, people and the amazing places I get to run in. Basically- my love for running makes me a better person (except for during taper time, but who's counting that anyways). 

Run fast, run slow- just go for a run. ;-) Have a great day!