This weekend was a packed weekend (as usual). 

I went out for a tempo on Saturday morning - a small feat considering I was EXHAUSTED by the end of the week. But really- how can you not be inspired to run quick in such a beautiful setting. I'm DEFINITELY not where I want to be speed-wise, but I also know my body is still in recovery/rebuilding mode post 78 race miles in the last 6 weeks. NBD. 

awww I love the lake. and I love all my regulars at the lake. built-in accountability.

I went out and did a 2 mile warmup and then a 4 mile tempo (at 7:08 pace) and then 4 mile cooldown. Pretty frustrated after my tempo because everything felt hard yesterday morning. But then I realized I need to let up on myself and know that my speed will come back when it's ready (like can it be ready by my Thanksgiving 5k? thanks.) Just feel super blessed to get to run injury-free and do something I really love.

We had the Dirt Dog XC Championships Sunday and I went out to support my fellow San Diego Track Club homies. Everyone did amazing. Can't say that I was jealous I wasn't racing. I kept saying- better them than me. It was a bunch of loops in a short area, on grass, with the sun out pretty strong. Yep- better them than me. Ha.

San Diego is a REALLY rough place to run/race in. This is mid-November, folks.

MAYBEEEEEEEE one day I'll be inspired to do XC again but not gonna lie- I love me some road races and not feeling like I'm slogging along on trails and grass. Pretty inspiring to see some fast racing out there though. 

with our speedy mentor and friend. congrats, suly. we LOVE you.

Kara Goucher just posted a blog post about the NYC Marathon (she ran a 2:37 in pretty tough conditions)- a particularly hard comeback race. And I completely can relate to her struggle to reconcile the fact that she knew she was in a certain shape but the course/conditions didn't allow her to validate that belief. 

"Am I disappointed?  Of course!  But I am not regretful, and that means I can move on toward bigger and better things.  The hard part is that I know I can run 2:28 right now, and unfortunately I can’t show that.  The marathon isn’t like the 1500m or even the 5k.  I can’t go back out there 2 weeks from now and prove it to everyone.  But I don’t have to prove it to myself.  I know the work I did, the preparation I had.  I know what I am capable of.  Even though I didn’t get to show it on Sunday, I know who I am.  And I am worlds ahead of where I was at this time last year – I am healthy and I am strong...We don’t always get what we want.  Sometimes we work so hard, only to stumble. But our hard work is not lost. The work we do happened and although we may not have been able to show it on the day we hoped, it will be realized later on.  So, I didn’t get to show you a 2:28 marathon, and I’m not going to lie, that sucks, but I am looking ahead to showing you an amazing track season.  I am not afraid, I am not filled with regret, I am simply filled with gratitude and excitement for all the good things to come. "

That's the brutal part about the marathon. You have to wait MONTHS to be able to prove yourself again. But what a blessing it is to still be able to get after it and eventually get to have that ProveYourself race. 

We had our annual San Diego Track Club Awards Dinner last night- amazing and inspiring as usual. So much inspiration- it'll last me the whole year. 

sending love to all our speedy girls that couldn't make the dinner. 

sending love to all our speedy girls that couldn't make the dinner. 

Loved getting to see amazing people getting recognized for their accomplishments. 

not shocked at all that he was the Men's Open Runner of the Year! holla at a balla.

Saw this and pretty much died at how true this is.

Have an amazing day- and go out and get a run in. ;-)