Cheaters Never Prosper... But Sometimes They Win Races

You know- when I ran Cross Country for that brief (and painfully slow) year in high school- I really connected to the sport because I just felt like us runners were a different type. It wasn't all about the glory- no one came to watch our XC meets- you literally couldn't bribe  your friends to watch cause they just didn't "get it." It wasn't about the team sport aspect of it all- most of the times you were working alone on the course- and at the end of the day- it's an individual race. The uniforms weren't anything to write home about. XC didn't give you this badass street cred- most of us were just skinny, awkward kids that lacked coordination to end up in another more popular sport (disclaimer- this is how it was at my school- if at your school it was the most desired athletic program to enter into, my apologies for lumping you into the same category that our team was in).

What I LOVED about XC was that with all those things in mind, the XC runners did the work: put in the work at the unglamorous practices, had a tenacity to push through the pain, and were just a really honest sort. I feel like it shows a lot about someone's character if they have an inclination towards endurance sports- you're the type that doesn't give up when the going gets hard. And I LOVE that about runners. 

With all those things in mind- it always bums me out to see cheating in races. It completely defeats the whole spirit of running and one of the reasons I was so attracted to the sport. 

So this weekend a lady whose previous PR in a marathon was a 4:39 went on to WIN the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon (is the race the marathon or having to say that title to everyone?!) with a 2:54:21. Before you go on to think this is a regular slow-to-sonic story (the runworld's version of rags to riches)- she cheated- and did a reallyyyy poor job at it. Not only is she not fast, but she basically is the world's least believable cheat. 

This lady and her RIDICULOUS cheating makes Rosie Ruiz (Boston winner/cheater from 1980) seem like a genius: 

If you are GOING to cheat- try and at least do it in a semi-believable manner. If you're not going to put the time into training- put the time into coordinating something that was more put together than her cheating. 

Tttrracckkkk tonight was 10 by 400's. Love speed workouts! And I wore my new Skechers Go Meb Speed 3's and actually REALLY liked them. This was shocking to me as I could just not imagine a world where I (a VERY serious athlete. jk) wore the same shoes that Kim Kardashian was a spokesmodel for.

Luckily, meeting the Skechers reps at Kara Goucher's Podium Retreat helped to change my mind about their Performance division and I was totally impressed by how light and comfortable their shoes were. I have actually recommended Skechers to a few friends based on what they were looking for in a shoe- and I genuinely thought that I was more likely to wear Shape Ups than the Skechers running shoes- but I promise- they are amazing. The GoMeb Speed's have a lot of kick and are super light and comfortable. Very different than the Newtons but had the kick/responsiveness that I am always on the holy grail search for. 

Post trackkkk dinner with some speedy ladies I love:

This is pretty much my favorite photo EVER of the Great Wall of China Marathon. Naomi (commenter below) hits it right on the head, "Everyone looks miserable." I just cannot believe that they don't have a better  photo to advertise the marathon- maybe it's to appeal to the true masochists (like me) out there. If you're not truly regretting your existence on earth during the marathon, then it's not hard enough- is what I always like to say.

does it matter to no one else that no one in this photo is actually in motion... and it's a 26.2 mile race???!

Can't wait to wake up in just a few hours for another Competitor photo shoot. I'm sure I'll look REALLY fresh for a 6 am shoot. Hope you have a great run today- or a stretch- or a walk in the park. Maybe run a little faster than you normally would- or a little longer.... ;-)