Sometimes your run game needs a lil jumpstart. Here's some runspiration to get you heading out the door for a run today!

1. THIS GIRL! Larisa Danis went from doing 20 milers at 8:45 pace to a 2:44 marathon and being the national 50 miler champ. That's nuts. If that doesn't encourage you at wherever you are right now, I don't know what will. Where you are today is NOT where you will be in one year- keep at it!

2. THIS!

Set your goal. Don't look back- and don't let any negative Nancy's into your headspace. People don't accomplish big goals by being realistic- but by dreaming big and putting in crazy work to make their dreams a reality. If someone wants to be realistic and conservative- let them. But don't let them tell you how you should be dreaming.

3. Deena Kastor- At 41, girl is STILL killing it. She is in better shape than she has been in awhile and looking to set some Master's records in NYC this weekend. Love hearing stories about runners who most people have written off who are still out there going strong and setting records. They really live the "age is just a number" philosophy.

4. TRUTH. 

Trainingggg Recap-

Trackkk pretty much knocked me out - so a chill 5 miler at Milestone for Halloween was exactly what I needed. I'm pumped to finally get back to my normal schedule this weekend and get a tempo run in. I think I'll prob do my long run on the treadmill this Sunday so that I can watch the NYC marathon and see my runhero Kara Goucher kill it out there.

i am the self-proclaimed Khloe Kardash of the running community. awesome.

I think I am going to try this  Strength Training plan. I wanted to find something runner specific and simple and this is both of those things. Just think I need to actually START and then figure out what's working for me and what's not. I'll keep y'all posted on how this goes. I expect to be completely transformed after my first sesh and to be able to start running sub-5 minutes miles. Glad I'm always so realistic.

This is a great reason to compliment your runs with some type of strength training- get the most bang for your buck, folks. Strength training can take my wimpy V4 engine to a V6, babyyy.

Happy day before Halloween from these runners turned pumpkin carvers (don't worry- none of us are quitting our day job any time soon)! 

what's more terrifying than our pumpkins? me with a knife trying to create my masterpiece. i made it out with all fingers attached.