So I'm heading out today to Sioux City, Iowa for my best friend's wedding! SO EXCITED!!! Is anyone surprised that I'm not traveling somewhere for a race this weekend?! Thank God I've packed Bonk Breaker bars for my trip. Nothing screams endurance like the dress rehearsal- and I want to make sure I don't hit the wall in the middle of the ceremony.  (Too much to take salt tabs before so I'm not "bridesmaid down/knees locked" mid-ceremony?)

a throwback to when we were babies in college and it's clear my posing game has not improved since then. i promise to give better wedding face this weekend, jess! consider it my wedding present. just kidding.

Working out while traveling is definitely something you have to be purposeful about. Because you know what is more likely to happen?? Sleeping in after late nights celebrating. I am packing my run clothes and shoes- and possibly a swimsuit to get some good workouts in.  I'll consider it a win if I workout both Saturday and Sunday. Ok- let's be real- if I get ONE workout in I'll be thrilled. Ha.

Since my marathon on September 13th, I have traveled every weekend until now (except for the weekend directly after, luckily- since I was basically dying from marathonflu). The only way I could really pull this off is because I'm not training now and just basically doing whatever races. During training I try not to travel this much/race as much so that I can actually get real training in. 

So I think I'll be doing a 5k for Thanksgiving- most likely this one. I haven't done a 5k since this summer right after my marathon so I'm hoping that a month is sufficient time to train for and have a stronger race than the last. (I died a slow/fast death during the Bonita 5000.) I'm going to figure out a legit plan for the 5k so that I can kill it (20:xx?? sub 20? possibly a bit aggressive.)


death by 5k. now don't yall want to sign up for one?!!!??!?!?!

I was inspired to go back to the 5k after dying over these kids that slayed their 5k.  The 9 year old girl has a faster 5k than me. SO incredible. Bet she didn't look like she was dying while running either. Oh to be young again. Probably helped that she weighed a hundred pounds less than me too. She should try doing that same time while carrying 10 sacks of potatoes. 

Saw this and pretty much died over it- struggles only ridiculously competitive people can understand: 

THIS DOES NOT SOUND LIKE ME. AT ALL.  [I want to take a moment and apologize to all my non-running friends for torturing you with all my running talk over the last 2 years.]

Boston just named October 22nd Team Hoyt Day! THIS MADE ME SOOO HAPPY!!! I remember watching this video of their team right when I started running and I think I watched it like 3 times in a row and just bawled the whole time. If you are in need of inspiration- there is nothing that will inspire you more than seeing this incredible father-son team. LOVEEE that Boston recognized their accomplishment. The perseverance and selflessness that this father shows just completely blew me away. Can you imagine not only getting yourself through an Ironman or a marathon- but also another person? Just amazing. I swear if I actually saw them at a race I would lose it. As if I'm not already the biggest running sap.

Well I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. If you're racing- go out hard- ya got this!

As for me- I'm gonna go hard in the paint in Sioux City for the wedding of the century! CAN'T WAIT!

college besties.