Taper Fridayyyyy Before Nike Women's Half

So I'm at my one month anniversary of the Big Cottonwood Marathon- and the PAINTRAIN has one more stop this weekend at Nike Women's Marathon in SF (new hills! new course! run by the Full House house!). GUYS! After a hard marathon- don't schedule three really hard races one weekend after another. Contrary to popular belief this does not help you get over a hard race faster. Though to be fair, these painful races just push Cottonwood even further out of my mind. Not the worst thing ever. I'm hoping that after Rosarito (heat + hills) and Ragnar Trail (mountains + heat + running trails blindfolded) that Nike will seem like a super easy, just hilly course. 

i mean this is not the course profile of my dreamsssss, but at least the hills won't be a slip n slide like last week. 

This will be my third year running this race. I remember the first time I ran it and we started down the streets of downtown SF with just a million women and I started tearing up (like I do in most races. HA) just so happy to have the opportunity to run with all these women in such a cool race. It was just a really special moment. 

NWM 2013

Sadly, last year I was robbed of my running tears because when we started (I started in first corral) there were somehow SO many women walking in the first half mile like 5 people wide. Just super inconsiderate and I kept having to bob and weave. Not cool, dude. THAT is my biggest run pet peeve. I think everyone should run races and get to experience how amazing they are. But c'mon- if you're planning on walking the race, don't start in the first corral and walk with all of your besties blocking the road for people actually running the race. 

I haven't exactly figured how I'll pace this race. I'm clearlyyyy not in shape- still in recovery mode. But I do feel like my legs are coming back. I'll probably aim for 7:30's and see how those hills treat me. It would be nice to have it be faster than Rosarito. If you can't PR because you're still in recovery mode, then just go for small victories (i.e. not being the last person in!!)

After this weekend there are NO MORE RACES until SD Holiday Half (December 28th). I need to actually start training again and building back up my speed and racing week after week won't get me to where I need/want to be

this article basically explains why you should NOT be doing what I've been doing last few weeks. Oops. 

So here's a wrap up of my week in training. I've actually not started a training program yet- still just letting myself run whatever I want to run when I want to. Marathon training is SO structured that outside of it, it's nice to just be flexible.

Monday: easyyyyyyyy six on the treadmill (I mean what else is there to say about a treadmill workout.)

Tuesday: Started my Tuesday with a little 4 miler and then got in a great workout at track. Basically they killed me. 2 by 1000 meters (3:53, 3:58) on grass and then the weirdest tempo run (it involves some hard running followed by jogging then hard running then jogging. Basically just trying to hold on.) Then it got way too dark and the last 1000 planned was knocked off the schedule. Obviously Suly and I decided to go out there and get that last 1000 in. I don't know what my split was for that because we didn't have anyone out there reading off our times- but I doubt it would be anything to write home about. 

Wednesday: Easy 4 on treadmill in am and then RunClub 3 miler (8:30's, I think) just interrogating my friend Chris who killed his marathon at Chi on every detail of his race. (I love talking to people about their great races and getting super inspired!)

Thursday: Easy 4.5 on da 'mill. Is it weird that I had the best, most real dream ever that I did a half in 1:31??! Pretty sure that is a sign that I will do a 1:31 at SD Holiday Half. See y'all- this is how much thought and effort goes into me setting my goals - basically something as random as a dream will be what makes me set a goal at a specific spot- not actual progress and attainability. Haha. Now I need to figure out the pace and what I need to do in training to get that.


Saturday: Rest + Go up to SF and go to NWM Race Expo + try to find sweet potato fries to carbload with

Sunday: RUN MY LIL BUTT OFF. Praying I don't get hypothermia waiting for everyone after the race. SF is COLD.

GUYS! This is my outfit for SF. I call it "EBOLA CHIC." (But really this was a real lady at LA Marathon. So ahead of her time. I think she caught me taking a picture of her...)

hazmat crews could learn a thing or two from her.

The article on Kara Goucher's AMAZING weekend just came out in Runner's World (pick up your copy- it's a good read and Kara looks amazing in it!) and I'm quoted talking about clothes. What's new?!

i take secret joy that my 4 word name is in Runner's World. this is how you rebel when your parents name you after a corporation, Kimberly-Clark.

Have an amazing day! If you are racing this weekend, GOOD LUCK!!! A SUPER SPECIAL good luck to Natasha who is running the Toronto Marathon to qualify for the Olympic Trials (aiming for a 2:35). Isn't that INCREDIBLE?!