Race Packing for NWM

Y'all I'm on my way to NIKE WOMEN'S MARATHON in SF. So excited. Basically it will be the longest road trip where my legs can rest (and where I won't worry that I will be catching ebola pre-race) and I can sing along to Sam Smith to my heart's content. 

I'm registering today for the lotto for the Berlin Marathon. Basically until the results are released saying I made the marathon, I will be crossing my fingers (expect all my race photos to have me crossing my fingers instead of doing the peace sign). Anyone else out there signing up for Berlin Lotto?

Here are a couple packing tips that I've been doing lately! I have a bag for my electronics/accessories. These are pretty much the heart of my race- watch, music and sunglasses + all the chargers. There is nothing worse- literally NOTHING worse than realizing you forgot any of these things for a race. If you have a bag that holds all of this, it's a super easy way to make sure all the essentials are packed. 

the things that power my race.

Putting your race outfit in a ziplock. Forgetting socks or a sports bra for a race- or having to tear apart your bag to find that one last item on race morning are not pleasant experiences. Putting your entire outfit in a ziplock and packing it this way means race morning can be much less stressful having everything together in one spot. BONUS- after the race you throw all those smelly clothes in here and ziplock it closed. 

i spy a brand new top for the race. whoever said not to use anything new on race day clearly hadn't met me. 

Pimping out your shoes. Ok this isn't really a tip so much as a way of life. I go way faster with my shoes decked out. 

Newton MV3's. these are QUICKKKKK shoes.

So excited to go out and run tomorrow. Praying it won't feel as brutal as the last two weekends have. I know I won't be PR-ing, but I'm excited to see my friends Sai (it'll be her FIRST half marathon) and Erica (her second NWM) and just get a chance to jog around SF. 

For anyone that is struggling with running or just starting to run- this quote is SOOO true. It really is so tough at first, but keeps getting better and better. Running is kinda like an onion. Every layer makes you cry. Haha. First, you're crying at the beginning because it hurts so bad. Then you're crying later because you're a sap and you love running and are so thankful you are healthy and have the opportunity to run. Or maybe that's just me?!