Top Ten Tuesdayyyy!

A list of my favorite things this week (no particular logic to the madness): 

1. Newton Tri Racer: These shoes are my next purchase. They are the same as my Newton MV3's (wore those for my Half PR in Vancouver and also for my deathtrain marathon in Cottonwood) but with a different upper- more tri-efficient which translates into only great things for a runner. I love the MV3s- super light and a great kick to them. If you haven't tried Newtons, I highly recommend- but I think you either love them or hate them. I predict a PR wearing these. ;-)

2. Gorgeous and quick: Congrats to Christy Turlington on a 4:04 at Chicago! Taking lessons from her on looking that glam after a race. Must help running and being a supermodel.

3. Nuun Citrus Fruit: My fave Nuun flavor of all time is Watermelon, but lately Citrus Fruit has been my pick. It's just SO refreshing tasting after a hard run. If you've never tried Nuun and want to- here's a code for 20% off your first purchase. I warn you though- you will be addicted. 20% discount code= nuunbassadorfriend

4. Strength Training: Currently trying to figure out what this routine will look like for this next cycle- but this is a GREAT reason to strength train. Also- when I started doing Pure Barre- my biggest praise of it was that I felt like I had more power in my arms and abs to propel me.

so much info in this great article 

5. This trailer of DRIVEN with Kara Goucher. Gave me chills. Can't believe I had the opportunity to spend a weekend with her. I love how she holds onto her goals with the tenacity of a pitbull. I think she would be the first to say you have to believe in yourself first and not give up on your dreams. 

6. San Diego Holiday Half- I just signed up! I paced it last year for the 2 hour group and I am going to go out and race it and hopefully PR in it this December.  I know it's a good course and as long as my legs start waking up from the deep coma they went into after Cottonwood, I hope to have a great race there. Use code: SDHHLEG15 to get $15 off before Oct. 19th. SIGN UPP!!! Love having runcompany! ;-) I am working OVERTIME trying to peer pressure everyone I know into doing this. Just seems like it would be such a fun race to have everyone be at. 

7. Picky Bars Smooth Caffeinator- Delish bars created by my girl crush Lauren Fleshman- this girl is HYSTERICAL. Their bars were created by athletes for athletes- and are all GLUTEN-FREE (one of the creators has celiac disease). Shipping is free from this site and their bars are all made with quality ingredients. Just got my first shipment in last month and sadly those 18 bars lasted me about 5 days. Ugh. Why do I eat so much??! (Ps Her blog posts are so real and hilarious- here is one of my faves: Keeping It Real

8. These socks in this length: I have every other color in the long socks and the short racers but I'm kinda loving the mid-calf look right now. Code: BOOM gets you 40% off at checkout. I LOVE this brand- and it's SoCal local. 

10. This created by my friend Bere- I promise I can do perfect form now for 2:30 (longest to date). That's two hours and thirty minutes, in case you were wondering... HA. 

you say plank, i say downward dog.


After this weekend's sufferfest, I graciously gave myself Sunday off (benevolent dictator, I am). My legs weren't really that sore (on the scale of Cottonwood I don't think anything will ever feel sore compared to that), but I did feel pretty fatigued coming back. I did an easy 6 on the treadmill. Not like I really had a choice, my legs didn't have much in them to do anything but a pace that could only be considered competitive in the 70-75 age group. I have Nike Women's this Sunday so trying to do everything to recover as quick as possible so I don't shame myself on the new course in SF. Everyone keeps reminding me to be gentle and give myself to come back. I think it's hardest coming back after a hard race because all you want to do it get back to it because you feel like you still have something to prove. Trying to be patient and kind to myself in recovery. Easier said than done for this Type A perfectionist. ;-)

Have an amazing Tuesday and get out there for a run!