Not a Morning Person- But a Morning Runner!

So I am pretty much strictly a morning runner. Why you ask? Well, if I do it in the morning, I know that the run is done and I can pretty much go on my day without having to think about it. 

Here are a couple reasons why I think it's the best time of day to get your run in:

1. More light in the morning. When I first started running, I would do every run on fire road trails. I would head out after work while it was still light on a 12 miler and halfway through I would be caught out on those roads in complete darkness.  The Border Patrol guys would drive back and forth to keep an eye on me because I refused to take a ride in their car back to the road because... well, I still had to finish up my miles. Running in the morning means that I leave government employees to do their job instead of radio-ing back and forth to see if I made it out alive. With Daylight Savings around the corner, it is wayyyy safer to run with the daylight. 

Guys! When would you like to run into prisoners with weedwackers on your run? Day or night? (I prefer day. Or not at all.)

2. Life gets busy. If you leave your run to the end of the day- only God knows if it will happen. Putting it first thing in the morning means you don't have to wonder if it will happen. If you are training for a race, it is race sabotage if you don't stick to a schedule- so this ensures that you get done what's on your schedule.

3. It starts your day off right! Nothing like starting your day with a 6 miler under your belt. I feel like this gives me extra permission to indulge in some extra snacks throughout the day since I earned it. Marathon runner = marathon eater.

you can roofie yourself with too much chocolate. just kidding. not possible.

4. Metabolism JumpSTART- Running in the morning is the jumpstart to your metabolism and gets it going first thing. Maybe you're part of the lucky 1 percent of Americans who are underweight (is there such a thing?!) - but most likely getting your metabolism revving first thing in the morning is a good thing for just about anyone.

5. Two a days/Double Days- My favorite thing. What's better than one run? TWO! If you get a run done in the am, then if there is a social run/track workout, you will be going into it already having logged some miles. (Any other double day fans out there?!)

When do y'all like to run???


So happy to go back to normal life/training now that my 4 races in 5 weeks are done. Like my friend Liz said- whoever made your race schedule is an a**hole. It feels weird to be without a real schedule now even though I know that's NOT necessarily a bad thing. Since I'm actually incapable of not having an imminent goal race, I'm really looking forward to SD Holiday Half and already have my goal for the race (there is no more legit way to set race goal times than in a random dream).

I used my RUN LESS RUN FASTER app (avail in iTunes app store- like $2-3) and plugged in the time I wanted to get for the half to see what my tempo paces and all that kind of stuff needs to be in order to be on pace for my goal. I would really recommend it. Such a cool and user-friendly app and it customizes the training for your goal and the distance. 

Run Less Run Faster App- This week's key workouts/times I need to hit. Holla. 

I wasn't sore after the NWM Half- my body has learned that it gets little sympathy from me so best to just cooperate and keep it movin'.  I got in an easy recovery 6 miles Monday morning and an easy breezy 3 mile hike in the evening with my girls. 

i love playing russian trail roulette on the way down to see if we can make it down without getting lost. such an adrenaline junkie.

Track on Tuesday was a nice 1000-400-1000-400-1000-400. Felt like a slow death. Just kidding. it wasn't that bad. What WAS bad was that my other iPod shuffle (the one that didn't take the suicide jump off my shirt that I had to go back and rescue mid-race) that was fully charged decided to crap out at the second 400. I almost didn't finish the workout because listening to my heavy breathing was pure torture. I'm sorry to everyone I run by and annoy -I truly never understood what I have been putting you all through. Disturbing. 

Getting my runs in so that this weekend at MY BEST FRIEND'S WEDDING we hopefully do not have to emergency overnight a new bridesmaid dress because I got ambitious with my dress size. 

Have a great day- and hope you fit a run in today... preferably during daylight. ;-)